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Voicemail (609) 316-6699

We’re the rubberneckers. We ain’t got massive peckers. We watch the world burn. Ain’t nobody ever learn? Listen close and you will see, we will never take a knee

Recent Episodes

Devervention | S3 E7

May 8, 2022

The show got off to a rocky start because Devan was not on time once again. And Devan has a habit of not communicating if he is going to be late or show up. This sent John into a Jamingo rage right off the bat. Josh from the…

N-Slur | S3 E6

April 29, 2022

This week we have Delvin Cox of the Delvin Cox experience as our guest. Our fans have spoken. The answer to who is the best Rubbernecker is in, and it’s a box of donuts. Links to Show Topics Woman marries her cat to get roun…

Deep Tucker | S3 E5

April 23, 2022

Dave once again wants to tap dance on a minefield. Dave decided to tier the Rubbernecker host and he ranked John last. Well of course this started a heated debate. One host was ranked below a dozen donuts and a tub of tapioc…

Covid Brain | S3 E4

April 15, 2022

Covid finally hunted down Jamingo. John tests positive for Covid and makes the show. Devan called out sick. Dave’s spreadsheet almost ruined the episode. Jamingo did his Homework - Listened to 69 Whiskey episode 30 Pip Pip C…

Robo-Neckers | S3 E3

April 8, 2022

This month’s guest is Matt from the 69 Whiskey Podcast . Matt has given up spilling his seed for Lent. He’s almost at the finish line. (Pun Intended) Jodie tweeted that one of Devan’s favorite bands, tool, and Smashing Pumpk…

Read-tards | S3 E2

April 2, 2022

We recorded on Transgender Day of Visibility. We are still talking about the Bitchslap Heard Around The World. Did Devan complete his task of getting a “Footjob?” Links to Show Topics Today is Transgender Day Of Visibility! …