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Voicemail (609) 316-6699

We’re the rubberneckers. We ain’t got massive peckers. We watch the world burn. Ain’t nobody ever learn? Listen close and you will see, we will never take a knee

Recent Episodes

Out Number, Overpower | S4 E5

June 27, 2022

The Juul was banned in the United States. Dave shows how to be an anti-cool smoker. We debate over which 5 songs make the Rubberneckers all-time list. And Jodie hates the word peeps. Check out all of our links here

Get Off My Back | S4 E4

June 18, 2022

In this episode, Dave is back to being his self-important cunty self. Things he refuses to do. Talk before 4 people are watching. Talk when Jodie is not in the Livestream. Follow extremely easy, and well-explained trivia gam…

Greg Nog | S4 E3

June 12, 2022

Dave tried making it with a Fem Boy. Is Man Titty Milk Possible? Gun Safety is important. Kangaroos are assholes. Women don't care what you say, they're hot! Dave's Fat Fetish Fantasy Josh hosts the music trivia game Jodie r…

Butt Stuff | S4 E2

June 3, 2022

In this episode Dave takes a unique look at stopping school shootings, John doesn’t want butt play even during gay pride month. We listen to Lia Thomas talk about how her right to switch genders because she feels like a woma…

Next! | S4 E1

May 28, 2022

Well, Season 3 almost made 10 episodes. You would think being a Rubbernecker is hard, but it’s really not. Only 2 of the OG Rubberneckers remain. Jodie found his first grey hair. Links to Show Topics Vagina cereal? What’s th…

Scooby Blue | S3 E9

May 20, 2022

Once again Devan is a no-call, no-show and this is unacceptable. The “What are we going to do about Devan” conversation is getting old. John told the truth about what happened in last week’s episode. Dave has become so fat h…