July 23, 2021

Andrew Hurts Dave’s feelings | S1 Ep 3

Andrew Hurts Dave’s feelings | S1 Ep 3
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Bob puts less sauce on his intro this week. Good job Bob.

Devan introduces a new introduction and flubs a little which could have totally been edited by John but John didn’t for unknown reasons. Good job Devan.

Andrew didn’t show up and Dave goes into a meltdown

John talks about some bet he lost. Sports talk.

Real men wear hats. Where is Dave’s hat?

Bob throws out a real clunker. Oh no, is this what the episode is going to be like?

Collin doesn’t give a shit whether he shows up or not. It’s whatever dude. Collin is the real chad I guess.

Bob doesn’t understand foreshadowing.

John continues to sabotage the monetization of the show.