Aug. 6, 2021

Andrew Melts Down | S1 Ep 5

Andrew Melts Down | S1 Ep 5
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Superstar Andrew didn’t send his audio file so he sounds significantly worse this week. As of the writing of these show notes, Andrew has yet to back down and chill the fuck out. What gives Andrew?

Andrew is trying to run the Streamyard this week and we practiced but Andrew completely forgot how to do anything.

Bob’s intro is a massive shot on John bitching out last week

Devan’s intro is getting better every week.

Collin couldn’t make it though he does make a few cameos.

Dave obsesses over breastfeeding.

Andrew says “Mommy milky” which is pretty funny.

Andrew is clearly rattled from his family bullshit.

John starts up with the Dave soundboard bit. Andrew reacts negatively to it as a bit.