May 8, 2022

Devervention | S3 E7

Devervention | S3 E7
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The show got off to a rocky start because Devan was not on time once again. And Devan has a habit of not communicating if he is going to be late or show up.

This sent John into a Jamingo rage right off the bat. Josh from the “We Are Assholes'' said he would be happy to join us. But before Josh could get his slow-ass computer online, Devan strolls in like it’s no big deal. That’s when John crawled up Devan’s ass like a very angry gerbil.

We jumped into another shit show, the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial. Apparently, Dave can throw a better punch than Johnny Depp.

John buys an Oculus and gets sexually harassed by an Indian Dude, dot not feather, and Dave gets bored and starts watching porn on his Oculus in the middle of the episode.

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