March 4, 2022

It's Just A Dog | S2 E15

It's Just A Dog | S2 E15
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Our guest Rubbernecker is Jodie B from the PoBoy Podcast. He was way better than Doug from Who’s Right. We discuss the fallout from Doug’s appearance and the groveling. 

Mr. Cheese reviews the Last Episode of Rubberneckers

Dave has become the Asshole of Rubberneckers. Dave spent a week apologizing to Devan. So what does Dave do? Dave spends the whole episode trying to prove that John is a bigger asshole. Dave brought up stories of filthy animals that some people call pets. Jodie makes everyone’s jaw drop with his pet story.

Bob is officially leaving the show. This is also Dave’s fault. Hopefully, Bob will continue to make donut, fat, and dad jokes in the show chat. Bob always said the chat was the only place he could get a word in. 

Stories of the Episode:

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