May 8, 2021

John is Fat | S1 Ep 1

John is Fat | S1 Ep 1
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Bob forgets to do an introduction to the new show. He really has a problem with commitment. Fortunately, his insecurities didn’t get the best of him this time and he made it through to the end of the episode. But not before placing himself under the self-imposed Knee of Derrick silence for 8 minutes 47 seconds.

Well actually, do you think that Bob could stay silent for that long? No; he couldn’t commit; just like that time, he failed to commit to the drone bit with his former podcast partner Dirty Derrick (no relation to the knee man).

John is fat Andrew is gay. He was fat. Andrew does annoying as fuck visual bits on an audio podcast which Dave finds incredibly amusing but causes John to almost meltdown and kick Andrew off the show. Without superstar Andrew, the show is nothing; but also without John’s trigger-happy ranting, we’d all be sitting around just chilling like in so many of those boring hang podcasts like most on the Inner Circle Podcast Network. Actually, how is Ass to Mouth Adam going? Haven’t heard from him in ages. I couldn’t imagine what it must be like to have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and date in 2021 in New Jersey during COVID as a lowly pizza boy. Our little Mexican buddy never showed up. Is it racist and sexist to say that white guys really are more reliable than minorities? Most of the battle is showing up. How is that what the leftards call white privilege that Devin’s alarm clock didn’t work? Collin was pretty awesome but too much background noise. We didn’t see Shazza but she is delightfully pregnant. Sign up to $7.50 tier to see more of her. Dave was hilarious as always. Sing along to the theme: 1

We’re the rubberneckers We ain’t got massive peckers We watch the world burn Ain’t nobody ever learn 2 We’re the Rubberneckers We ain’t no homewreckers We like to rant a lot Got a little Mexican as a mascot 3 AARGH We’re the Rubberneckers longer than 8 minutes 46 We ain’t no druggie bitch 4 AARGH We’re the rubberneckers We ain’t no fucking beggars We watch the world burn Ain’t nobody ever learn … Especially them stupid ass Bleeps What the fuck we gonna do about them