Feb. 25, 2022

Rubbernecker Overhaul | S2 E14

Rubbernecker Overhaul | S2 E14
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This week Doug from the Who’s Right Podcast joins us. Doug tried to administer some helpful podcast advice to improve our show. 

  • Decide if the show is a podcast or video Livestream
  • Decide who will run the show
  • Hide the Chatroom from John so his ADD doesn’t derail the conversation
  • If you are going to refer to the chat, read the comment and who it’s from
  • Visual bits should be discouraged because the audio listener is in the dark.

These were all great tips. Unfortunately, as soon as Doug left we reverted to our old destructive ways.

We played guess the Dick

John once again proved he is the world’s worst rapper.

Oh, and Boomer Bob tendered his resignation in the show chat.

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