Feb. 19, 2022

Season of Decline | S2 E13

Season of Decline | S2 E13
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We start the episode down a Rubbernecker. Apparently, they don’t have umbrellas, galoshes, or family trees that don’t look like a flag pole in Alabama? It was raining outside and Bob couldn’t make it back to his studio, so he chatted in his dad jokes. Who knew you could bomb in a chat room.

John is listening to a book because we all know, “John doesn’t read books.” This book, From Strength to Strength - Finding success, happiness and deep purpose in the second half of life by Arthur C. Brooks talks about the inevitable decline due to aging. John kept “circling back” to this topic.

Devan shares how he had a therapist fire him for not taking therapy seriously.

We discuss the YouTube showRetarded Policeman #5: Writers Strike - with Wil WheatonWe also talk aboutSofía Jirau, 24 the first Victoria Secret model with Down Syndrome. John shames Dave’s fat cam girl kink.

Listen to the end to hear Dave’s “Devan Overslept Again” Remix

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