Aug. 13, 2021

Sex Math | S1 Ep 6

Sex Math | S1 Ep 6
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Dave’s remix was pretty good but will he ever do better than the classic Bob’s a cunt? 

Bob’s intro took an important swipe at Andrew who really isn’t taking this shit seriously. What gives Andrew? What are you doing with your life?

Devan really brought the energy.

Andrew takes medication now? Interesting

It’s possible that John was the funniest this week. OMG

John plays a standard goat fucking bit and everyone tries to laugh along

Andrew offers some show suggestions but behind the scenes does nothing. Don’t show up last minute dude.

Ayanami blows out the cobwebs.

Collin is the main character for this episode because sunglasses and a hat

Boomer Bob makes no sense with his word association humor maybe not sure. Something about fish?

Bob misses a Deez Nuts joke. Shame on you Bob.

The show goes to a grinding halt 6 minutes in.

Bob tries to save the joke with some sexual humor about fingering.

Devan points out that this segment is going nowhere.

Andrew amuses Dave greatly with the line of the episode but others don’t agree

Collin is too cool for the show.

Dave apologizes for not being anti-free speech.

Andrew over-laughs at his own joke that Dave still doesn’t understand.

Bob brings up last week’s episode again. Why? Can’t we move on with this week’s episode?